The 21-century person: Happy. Smart. Green.


We strive to help the 21st century generation to be happier, healthier, more successful, free and curious than the any of the previous ones. How can this be done given the technological, environmental and economic challenges of our time? We believe, that the 21st century person:


… needs to be a philosopher.

That is why we find teaching philosophy, critical thinking, self-reflection, problem-solving, logic and math crucial at any stage of education.


… is a holistic person and sees him/herself as an important element in an united and interconnected world.

Everything is interconnected: the mind, body and spirit; the person and the community; all human beings and the natural world. Hence the holonic identity picture of “myself-me and my family –me and my community – me and my country – me and the whole humanity and the planet – me and the universe”.


… takes responsibility

for him/herself (learning how to harmonize him/herself physically and emotionally, maintain health and stay safe with the help of healthy nutrition, physical exercise, hygiene, reflection, use of natural sources of energy and learning about safety) and the environment.

… is well-educated and self-disciplined

An educated person has to know something about all things and everything about something. Education and growth is simpossible withoud self-discipline. We don’t believe in the educational approaches which are based on developing only the strengths of a learner and following exclusively his/her interestes already in an early age. “If you don’t like chemistry, you don’t have to learn it”, – is not our idea of a good education.

… turns to nature as the source of inspiration, beauty and energy, treasures and sustains it.


We combine these qualities in our motto: “Happy. Smart. Green”.