Who we are

We are a team of professionals (educators, architects, social scientists, lawyers, business consultants, financial experts) based in different parts of the word (Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Tel Aviv, San Paolo etc.), dedicated to combining education with care. Most of us are loving parents who want their children to live in a happy, smart and green world.


The team lead and the CEO is Dr Tatyana Bogushevitch.

Tatyana Bogushevitch is a social entrepreneur, business consultant and researcher, focusing on educational start-ups and development of educational projects – local as well as international.  Tatyana holds a PhD degree in Social Sciences and is author of numerous academic publications. Her portfolio includes a photography and cinema school in Riga (Latvia), project of an international British boarding school in Jurmala (Latvia), an art school and gallery in Istanbul (Turkey), as well as international start-ups consultancy and educational research projects.